Public Speaker

Ingrid Lohne, CAO

“Shari is results driven and provided tangible tools to help me navigate a huge shift in my leadership approach while helping me create the space to clarify the growth vision for my organization and team.”

Ingrid Lohne

Chief Administrative Officer

Contract Services Administration Trust Fund

Luis Ma Calingo, Ph.D.

“Shari is an amazing resource of talent, vision and fresh thinking.  She thinks institutionally, acts collaboratively, and strives for operational excellence.”

Luis Calingo, Ph.D.

President, Holy Angel University

Michael Hernandez-Soria, President

“The first few minutes meeting with Shari about my StrengthsFinder results generated a huge epiphany about my professional history as it relates to my talent domains.  She was then able to help me create a powerful structure to approach an important meeting the very next day that would lay the ground-work for future insights and professional growth.”

Michael Hernandez-Soria, HBS MBA, Founder/President

Hawaiian Cool Water, LLC

Christina Aragon

“Shari is able to deliver a unique blend of strategy and execution insights with tangible tools.  She helped me connect the dots in a complicated situation in an unexpected and powerful way while providing a fresh perspective that helped me dig down and identify underlying issues that were preventing me from moving forward.”

Christina Aragon

Harvard Business School MBA

Former Financial Services Executive