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About Shari Bowles Gibbons - MBA, PCC, ACTC, Systemic Team Coach

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Shari Bowles Gibbons is a certified Systemic Team Coach and Master Corporate Executive Coach, specializing in leadership capacity building and team performance optimization.


Executive and Systemic Team Coaching is about more than just learning new techniques. It's a transformative journey of self-discovery, shifting team dynamics, and growth. By helping leaders and teams address underlying resistance to change, coaching empowers clients to tackle both technical and adaptive challenges, propelling them to achieve peak performance.

Let’s be frank - it takes all types of players in the game of business. Shari knows them all. She speaks all the languages, from scrappy start-ups to Fortune 500s. Shari has the business acumen to generate clarity - cutting through the noise to get to the core of what her clients need to succeed. 


For the individual and the team - Shari gets you moving forward. 

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Shari is an amazing resource of talent, vision & fresh thinking. She thinks institutional
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