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Shari is incredibly sharp and has a unique ability to cut through the complexity around issues and the vision to help me find practical solutions. She excels working with executives in high-growth, start-up environments, who are required to rapidly gain insight and make adjustments to optimize their individual and team performance. 


Director (Global)
Future Digital Product Experience, $500M AI Startup


Shari Bowles Gibbons - Principal

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Shari Bowles Gibbons (HBS MBA ’90) is a certified Master Corporate Executive Coach and Systemic Team Coach specializing in leadership capacity building and 'teams of teams' performance optimization.

As the Founder of Anderson Lane and Associates, Shari specializes in serving mission-driven organizations while supporting growth in multiple dimensions. In her previous experience as an executive, Shari worked with brand leaders in a variety of industries including Merck, Sharp, & Dohme, Trammell Crow Company, Warner Bros., and The Washington Post Company. Shari is also an experienced board member, former C-Level executive, entrepreneur and angel investor, with expertise in change management and high growth capacity building.


She has served in a wide range of general management roles as President, COO, & CMO, and has been appointed to leadership roles on numerous executive boards and committees. She is currently the Chair of the Harvard Business School Association of Southern California's Scholarship Fund. 

Shari offers a remarkable track record of successfully leading complex marketing & operations through effective project management, brand strategy & marketing implementation, strategic planning, and partnership building.

An expert in developing and mentoring teams, driving continuous improvements to accelerate growth, creating efficiencies, and revitalizing failing operations, she is committed to helping clients improve bottom-line profitability while achieving the highest levels of team performance. 


The best executive and systemic team coaches are laser-focused on one thing: your coaching program's return on investment. We develop tailored coaching programs designed to deliver tangible improvements in collaboration, communication, and overall team performance. Metrics for success are established at the outset, and progress is tracked throughout the coaching journey. We are your partner in building a high-performing team.



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Transformational Leadership Team Coaching

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Leadership Capacity Building

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The Anderson Lane Way

Anderson Lane works to create a world in which people thrive as they contribute holistically to profit, people, and the planet.

We're here to help leaders build leadership capacity and maximize team performance optimization while using evidence based, data-informed tools, & collaborative growth strategies with integrity and insight.

Anderson Lane & Associates is a dynamic team of seasoned business professionals with experience in multiple industries from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. We work with business owners, C-Suite executives, and boards to optimize organizational health and team performance.


We tailor the team to each client's specifications and needs. We believe we can't take a client where we haven't been ourselves. We walk the walk - lifelong learners continuously training in leading-edge methodologies (i.e. systemic team coaching, immunity to change, and adult development theory) to deliver our clients the best return on their coaching program investment.

We support progressive business leaders as they build their leadership capacity, generating collaborative growth with integrity, innovation, and insight so that we can build a better future for generations to come.

Strategic Partners

Success comes from your network and those you surround yourself with - which is why Anderson Lane & Associates partners with a diverse range of people and organisations, each at the top of their league. 


It takes a village..

My Approach
Be obsessed with improving yourself, not proving yourself.
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