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Are Americans at War With Each Other?

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Have you paused to consider why so many people are angry in America and what we can do about it?

We are experiencing so much political/social discord and the statistics are alarming. Air rage, and road rage incidents are up. Firearm and alcohol sales have been increasing in recent years.

Your employees need your strength, your best-self now more than ever. The Great Resignation is telling us that they are not getting what they need so they are speaking with their feet.

As a society, we can accomplish great things if we work together. If we don’t bring our better selves forward, we are also capable of causing more damage to each other.

We need more leaders in the world that lead with ‘we’ thinking vs. ‘me’ thinking.

We need more leaders who demonstrate their commitment to doing what’s best for all stakeholders while honoring individuals.

This is difficult and complex – there are no easy answers, and it will require compromise with rational, deep thinking.

We need leaders who listen thoroughly and authentically.

We need leaders who have a vision for a better future for everyone, not just a few.

We need leaders who can design a clear path toward this better future.

What are you doing to step up to meet this moment?

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