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Courageous Leadership

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Great leadership is courageous.

It is also purpose driven, empathetic, authentic, systems and results oriented. Great leaders create an environment in which their teams thrive.

These behaviors are sometimes easier said than done because the journey to becoming a great leader requires us to take a deep long look at ourselves – strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, limiting beliefs, prejudices, mental maps, egos…..

There is long list of factors that can trip us up and it requires attention to develop the awareness that allows us to maximize our contribution to the world.

When we aren’t at our best, we experience manifestations of our ‘shadow’ – that part of us that shows up when we are in survival mode.

Fear or envy or judgement takes hold and our results become harder and harder to achieve in this state.

The problem with success is that the stakes get higher – bigger roles, bigger organizations, more public scrutiny.

Then we start to play it safe, try not to lose, and forget what really matters most.

Inherent in building a business is this tension between purpose and the desire to play it safe.

If you want to play a big game and commit to a bold purpose in life, it is inherently risky.

You might fail.

Every step of the way.

We are constantly balancing this tension between our goals/purpose and this fear of failing or looking bad.

A powerful leadership development tool to help us productively manage this tension is The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP).

LCP is the most thorough integration of the best leadership research, theory, and framework emerging from the leadership development field over the last 50 years.

Your mental structure determines your behaviors, and your behaviors determine your performance.

LCP is a multi-dimensional development tool to help you unpack where and how you can maximize your leadership performance; you can learn how to toggle back and forth between purpose and safety as efficiently as possible.

The organization that developed this tool is committed to helping the world up-level our leadership consciousness, so they have made the LCP self-assessment free to everyone.

They have partnered with One Tree Planet, which is committed to reforestation so each purchase of a full 360 LCP will contribute to reforestation.

Be the best contribution to the world that you can be!

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